FEMME SAVANT paints poetry with people!


More than a self-taught paintress, FEMME is a passionate crusader on a quest to repaint society with her intuitive heART. 


By free-handing every creation, FEMME ensures all of her art is one of its kind. Giving you an inside scoop into her illustrious mind. Her pieces are interwoven with tantric experiences and dressed in a minimalistic approach. She can alchemize any medium, whilst casting a metaphor in every stroke. 

FEMME SAVANT is a laid back San Diego Native, yet raised in the Hollywood Hills where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and scribed for an entertainment magazine working alongside notable photographers, musicians, and the like.  Being surrounded by a strong, creative community inspired FEMME to fiercely pursue her crafts as a poet, painter, healer, and an environmental advocate. 

You can find FEMME illuminating a spiritual audience, formulating her own paint pigments sourced from Mother Earth, designing wearable artwork, advocating for the FEMME Rising, leading NFT movements, romanticizing poetry, sharing original gifts and sealing every canvas with her signature 'gold kiss'.


THE FEMME is an experience you won't want to miss.