Femme Savant is more than a self-taught paintress, she's a passionate crusader on a quest to reshape societal standards with feminine empowered visual art and poetry. 


Distinguished for sealing her paintings with a golden kiss, Femme likes to experiment with all mediums whilst searching for a metaphor in every stroke.  She paints 'Abstract Realism' portraits by freehand (solely dependent on her intuition) while proclaiming allegories using rhythmic spoken words.


Her affinity for the creative arts began at 7. She started tracing different shapes, cartoons, animals; all things pertinent to a 7 year old and thereby taught herself to draw. She continued to express herself more freely at the rebellious age of 12; locking herself up in her own bedroom to get lost in the musical waves of Incubus and Jimi Hendrix while painting on anything she could find: cardboard boxes, furniture, clothes, whatever occupied her space including the walls. Seeing her soul come alive via art became sacred to her blossoming psyche and to this day she refuses to be convinced otherwise. 


Femme Savant is a San Diego Native but was raised in the Hollywood Hills where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and wrote for an entertainment magazine working alongside notable photographers, musicians, and the like.  Being surrounded by a vast creative community inspired Femme to fiercely pursue her craft as a writer, painter, healer, and an environmental advocate. She's currently formulating her own paint pigments sourced from the Earth and seducing an audience with her poetic activism by exercising her voice for women empowerment, mental health awareness, and climate justice from her art studio in Miami, FL. 


She will make you believe that the future truly lies in the hands of the 'Femme'